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SAP Disclosure Management for EFRAG taxonomy

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Dear SAP Expert,

some customers asked us to implement the new EFRAG taxonomy ( and show us new functional requirements. There are several differences with respect to old ESEF scenario in SAP DM. In particular:

- every cells or text block could be tagged with more than one dimension

- some cells or block tests should let a short list to report success or not in implement a criteria, for instance.

- SAP DM should be managed (at least) two different taxonomy in the same report.

I read that the last one would be implemented in a new release in Q2 2024. However, will this new version have some functionality to manage the first two new criteria?



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Dear Andrea,

Yes, you can tag a concept with as many dimension as you like.

Regarding the second criteria, I'm not sure what you mean.

Do you mean an expression for a boolean concept (yes or no) ?