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SAP Digital Manufacturing - Customization for Messages without Integration Workflow Configuration


Hi everyone,

For the message “Inspection Results Recording” there is no Workflow Configuration and we have following problem:

These are the CI Artifacts triggered from this message.


I need to send the SFC as BAPI-Parameter EXT_NO (Single-Unit Number for the Unit to Be Inspected):



What is the best way to make this kind of customization?

In this case, there is no Business Rule available (only for automatic collections) and the POD has no button that allows me to trigger a Production Process Designer when the manual inpection lot collection happens. 

Is it possible to trigger a customized IFlow for this message?

Thanks in advance


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Gabriela,

Customization approach can be tried here.

High level step

a. Develop a custom Integration flow (Iflow) in Integration suite (within same DM package or new package ) , consuming the ERP BAPI service (standard/custom) , defining exporting/importing parameter.

b. Inside DM , use Manage Web Servers app and create a web server providing IS host url and authentication details . example host : and use same destination example : CPI_DESTINATION_IFLMAP maintained for IS integration 

c. Now use Manage Service registry and create an API service using above web server and Group path: UserGroup (any name). Provide type : HTTP , Protocol : REST , Method : POST ,url/path : Iflow service relative path , isExtension:No.  Depending on how you have defined your service , if it accepts parameter in body then define the request body , if it is query parameter then set request body required as "No" . Now set the content type as " application/json" . Now here the datatype field , select structure . save and go to schemas tab and define the request structure and same should be mapped here. Define response code for success (200) and failure (500) etc . Save .

d.  Now this API service is available in production process designer under your webserver inside services and processes. Define a production process consuming this service and map the input and out put parameter .

e. Now this production process you can consume either with a custom action button in the POD using POD designer and mapping to above production process where SFC can be passed or on certain business rule like on complete of SFC or start of SFC etc using Manage automatic trigger > Business rule. 

Hope this help.



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Hi Rahul, thank you very much for your answer!

I would like to avoid calling the Iflow at every SFC start or complete.
Is there an alternative method to trigger the Iflow only when this specific message occurs?

Do you have any ideas on how to handle this?

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Gabriela,

To avoid API call , in the production process where the custom API is invoked , perform a condition check using Quality inspection API services , one example : Get Inspection Single Results passing the SFC as input which ensure API call only after result recording.

Otherway  With Custom Action button in POD , using POD designer can be configured for manual Step , which will be clicked by operator /QA after result recording to invoke the production process > API to update the SFC details .

Hope this helps.