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SAP Design Studio - Limit row number in Datasource

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Dear Community,

I have a problem and need your help to solve it, I hope you can help me with this:

I have a datasource (universe), which "Edit Query Specification" looks like this:


So I ranked the datasource to show only the BOTTOM 10 of the result set based on a measure called "Top/Flop". The measure "Top/Flop" just counts something and returns a number 0 to 10000...

Now if I filter something, it doesn't give me the FIRST 10 ROWS, it gives me more than bottom 10 because it is based on the measure:


The reason, why it shows 28 rows is obvious to me and I understand it. It is because "AnzahlTage" of all 28 rows is the same -> 1. That's why the datasource doesn't know which FIRST 10 to show.

So I need another solution for that -> ROWNUM. I need something like "where rownum < 10" in SQL, but I have to do that in the datasource itself (dynamically) and not in the universe. (or maybe it is also possible to do that in the universe?)

I hope you understand my problem and can help me

Thanks in advance and regards,


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