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SAP Deposits Management/ Bank Customer Account query - ECC 6.0

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Dear all,

In SAP Deposits Management in the new platform, we have the node Financial Services both in Easy Access and IMG under which we have the major functionalities like Account and Product Management. However this is unavailable in ECC 6.0. Request you to clarify whether these functions are available in SAP ECC 6.0 under SAP Bank Customer Accounts.



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Dear Subhobrata,

to answer your immediate question on Deposits Management, please read my lines below.

Maybe consider posting similar questions in the Forum: Industry Solutions General.

Most industry consultants from the banking practice are contributing and posting there.

The straightforward answer to your question is

No, the nodes published for the "banking services from SAP" process platform (Deposits/Account Management, Analytical Banking) are not published again in ECC 6.0.

Installation procedures, components and licenses are completely different.

This is due to different architectural design, IT and banking business requirements.

The node Financial Services is one application platform (the most recent application release is 7.0 on NetWeaver 7.11) that comprises

+ transactional banking with the components for managing, posting to and servicing of current accounts, savings, deposits, loans, collaterals and hierarchies of accounts for purposes of cash & liquidity (cash pools/sweeps) and global limit management

+ analytical banking with the components for managing risk, ALM, analytical (bank-unit-internal) limit and BASELII requirements.

The single-purpose application component of Bank Customer Accounts on ECC does not handle this variety, yet focuses on current and yield account/demand deposits for special-purpose banks/financial institutions.



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Could you please explain what exactly makes you believe that your question is related to SAP on Oracle ?

You might want to try a more appropriate forum.

And by the way:

Request you to clarify ...

This is a forum for voluntary help. No requests please!!

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