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SAP DB2 10.1 SAPTOOLS tablespace growing rapidly

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In our Production system running on HP-UX, DB2 10.1, tablespace SAPTOLLS growing rapidly, we have added the containers but the same get utlized in couple of days. before 1 month never this tablespace came into picture, this was happening from last 1 month. Kindly suggest what could be the possible reason.


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Hi Hpbasis,

SAP Note 1638865 - DB6: High Number of Messages in SAPTOOLS.SP_MSG_LOG

When you connect to your J2EE database using DBACOCKPIT from an ABAP system this table space is created.

Apply the correction to this ABAP system and reconnect.

and also refer the below thread.


V Srinivasan

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Hi Srenivasan

thanks for the reply

as per the mention note the correction is applicable for SAP_BASIS SAPKB70211 and our system is running on 20212, so this already been applied, i checked the table SP_MSG_LOG and its size is very less < 2MB and no other table extended beyond 50 MB. due to increase in tablespace  we have added 2 GB of containers which again has been utilized. we observed it happens during night where 1.8 % growth is happening and through out the day it will be on the same size. it seems some background job is running during night which is effecting in growing the utilization. kindly suggest is there any specific job which is hampering, its quite difficult to look on each jons as many jobs are scheduled during nights.