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SAP Datasphere Wish List (05/2024)


Below is my current SAP Datasphere functionality wish list:

1) Expose Delta Tables via a View in OpenSQL Space.

-> This allows external tools to access delta changes in local SAP Datasphere tables.

2) When importing SAP CDS Views, control the source of the business name meta-data. Choose between base table or @EndUserTxt annotations in the CDS view.

-> Maintaining consistent metadata between S4/HANA CDS views and Entities in SAP Datasphere is important for clients that report directly out of both systems.

3) Allow Alter Table statements in SQL console for local tables. This could also mean mass CSN/Json changes for tables.

-> I often need to make mass changes to local tables or remote tables. For example, flip them to "In-Memory" or set them to Dimensions.

4) Utility to convert Create Table SQL into CSN/Json

-> Useful when I can't import the table from a source, but I have the DDL from the source.

5) Use the same column editor found when creating SQL based Views in graphical based views. This one is the main reason I mostly do everything in SQL. The editor in the SQL views allows you to make changes to columns in a spreadsheet like format. I should have the same option with graphical views.


6) When replication flows import delta enabled CDS views, they manipulate the data types. For example, the CDS View has a column of abap.dec(26,6) but requires the target table to be dec(27,6) adding one to the precision for every decimal column. We either need some control over this type conversion or a better understanding of what, how and why it converts abap types into HANA types.

7) Full object version history with restore. I should be able to view and compare the version of every object and revert to any historical version. We had this in HANA.

😎 Better data profiling tools for tables and views. I liked the one in HANA Studio. I have to go into the DB Explorer now to do the same. Which means I need a view over every table.

9) View Persistence based on delta tables. I can do this with a replication task now, but it would be nice if view persistence automatically used the delta table when one exists for the main table in a view. 

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hey @Jonathan_Haun,

Consider raising (if not existent) your requests in Datasphere's Influence channel!