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SAP Datasphere: Using Replication Flows on Finance Foundation Business Content

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Good day,

I've been attempting to utilize replication flows from S4H to Datasphere on the finance foundation business content, following the instructions outlined in the documentation (

Despite installing the business content and creating the replication flow as instructed, I encountered the below error when attempting to deploy and run the replication flow.

Error creating replication for dataset
I_FISCALYEARFORCOMPANYCODE: data type of source column FiscalYear StartDate ( is incompatible with target column FiscalYearStartDate (vtype:SDYNAMIC.string 8); please map the source column to a target column with a compatible data type

DSP_ERROR_Screenshot 2024-04-10 115903.jpg


Has anyone experienced this or managed to use the finance foundation business content in Datasphere? Please advise on the steps taken, thank you.

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Hi @wsamuel 

As @NataschaM pointed out there might some missing SAP Notes in your S/4HANA source and you need to apply. 

I had come across exactly same issue for Finance foundation package for SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Cloud there is one way to fix that you need to change all Date types fields in local tables in Datasphere from Date to String(8) - in your example I_FISCALYEARFORCOMPANYCODE table's FiscalYearStartDate column and all other date fields / columns. By changing the field / column type may affect upper stream objects as well.  I had fixed all local tables that way then the replication flows worked successfully.