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SAP Datasphere test tenant ?


Hello the community,

It seems that we do not have anymore a specific pricing for a test Tenant with Datasphere.

But I have also seen that the pricing has changed and we can have a Datasphere with only 1532 CU a month.

Is it still recommended to have two tenants and work with the lifecycle to transport between two systems, or should we have only one instance and export/import between spaces ? 

While with SAP Analytics Cloud we still have two tenants (one for test and one for production).

Thanks a lot for your inputs


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Julien, It was a good question, thanks!
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Product and Topic Expert

Hello Julien,

the reduced minimum size for SAP Datasphere tenants was introduced to provide smaller test tenants (among other usage types). So you can create as many SAP Datasphere tenants as you need to set up your multi-tier landscape for change management/projects. You define whether a tenant is used as production or test or development.


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Thanks Jens. That makes sense. Have a great day.