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SAP Datasphere + Remote Query Monitor: what is Transaction?

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I have created very simple flow:

BW4/HANA Composite Provider - Datasphere Remote Table - Datasphere View (Analytical Dataset) - SAC Story (one chart only).

The flow is working, means - I see data in the bar chart in SAC, and the flow is fully virtual: no materialization in Datasphere. I refresh the SAC story couple of times just to see it is stable, what is the performance etc.

Can someone explain, please, what is Transaction in Remote Query Monitor? SAP Help says it 'Displays the remote source transaction'. What is it for BW4/HANA? Can I find it in BW4 somehow and check what was run in BW4?

Some other concerns I have:

  • In general, 21 seconds for 104 rows is not so great. What is even worse is that sometimes it is 21 seconds, sometimes it is more than 40 seconds. A bit unstable. Based on that I expect that if my chart is used by hundreds of users, the performance wouldn't be fantastic.
  • In Remote Query Monitor I don't see the user ID or even from where the statement was executed (SAC in my case). Let's imagine someone is running super heavy statement and ask for millions of rows. I can't even see who is doing that...

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Mateusz,

You can use SM37 to display the job and the selection of the query that the DP-Agent adapter for BW/4HANA is using to federate the data. The overhead might come from the fact of moving the data to the DP-Agent server first and to the DWC second (which should not happen but sometimes does, it also sometimes does not pass the filters to SM37/BW but only filters in DP-A). You can also monitor the DP-Agent logs to see the timestamps and what has happened on the way. The monitoring can be done as explained in the link. It is important to monitor the DP-Agent resource consumption. The troubleshooting can be done as explained in the link.

You can monitor the remote queries as explained in the link and create the remote table statistics as explained here (I think you were already referring to those ;).

In general, data federation can create an overhead. I would suggest persisting the inbound layer in SAP Datastphere with a snapshot/real-time replication (ODQ) or a replication flow (using DI embedded and CC, it's a go-to if it works;), this can help to improve performance by reducing the need for SAC to request data from BW4.

Hope it helps.


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Thanks Sebastian, I will check your links and suggestion.

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