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SAP Datasphere connection to SAP ARIBA (SAP RISE Subscription)


Good day SAP Datasphere Consultants,

What are the options to connect SAP Datasphere to SAP ARIBA and how does one identify the related tables/views etc? (The client has an SAP RISE subscription, if this helps in any way?)

Apparently, ARIBA is using API's to S/4HANA or SAP Hana db.

Does SAP Datasphere connect then to S/4HANA to import a table and data or how does it work?

Kind Regards,

Neels Faurie

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Precog is an approved and widely used data integration solution that makes it easy to get data from Ariba, SuccessFactors, Concur, Fieldglass, CX, S/4 HANA, Business One, Marketing Cloud, and more (2000+ SaaS APIs) into Datasphpere (and other data warehouses/databases): ELT for Datasphere.

Here's a good overview (video) of the AI-driven, no-code data integration (ELT) solution: Precog An SAP BTP Story