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SAP Data Intelligence Cloud- Roadmap Viewer shows no Innovations beyond Q1 2024

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Roadmap viewer for Data Intelligence DI Cloud is empty beyond Q1 2024

Is there a plan for migration to Datasphere (I couldnt see any in the Datasphere roadmap for 2024 for Di cloud Migration

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Thanks Tuncay. The Datasphere faq released last March ,mentioned that DI and Datasphere would eventually be a single Product (the hidden message is Data Intelligence would not be a standalone offering either move to Datasphere or use the embedded DI of Datasphere ) ,.M

My concern is that our current landscape already has Products that is beyond its shelf life without an upgrade path (HANA DWF) ..If Data Intelligence is also shown the same door, (atleast we have a product replacement for DI ) , we can plan our replacement EDW landscape accordingly

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Thanks ramji_43 for the information. Can you share the link --if you have-- for the mentioned "The Datasphere faq released last March"?