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SAP Cyrstal Reports 2020 64 bit and Oracle 19c Database Connection


I am using SAP Cyrstal Reports 2020 64 bit edition. I am using Oracle Server connection for Oracle 19c. When I want to connect to Oracle 19c, it is waiting approximately 8 minutes. After then it is connected. When I want to add a new table with this connection, it is waiting approximately 8 minutes again. Do you know a solution for it? When I want to connect to Microsoft SQL Server with OLE DB (ADO) connection, it connects quickly. There is no waiting problem. If you have a soluiton for it, I would be very greatfull.

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See CR's Data Access excel file for supported Oracle Clients:

Try using ODBC or OLE DB connection and see if that works better

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When I use ODBC or OLE DB connection, connection is the same, slow. It connects about 8 minutes. It is only occurs Oracle 19c Database.