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SAP Customer OnDemand How To Calling ECC Custom BSP Application Using Mashup

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Hi Expert,

I am working on the SAP Customer OnDemand as a Technical Consultant and i need help regarding calling Custom BSP Application in SAP Customer OnDemand Front end using Mashup ( any URL , Data or HTML ) .

But i don't know what process follow to calling custom BSP application and what steps require in SAP ECC side and SAP Customer OnDemand side .....

I want to pass parameter in the BSP application from the Customer Ondemand and call the relative information about that value....

Can anyone help me regarding this query or if any process to create and configure the application please share with me....

Many Thanks ,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Mithun,

What you are referring to are simple mashup integrations between Cloud for Customer and ECC. As of today, the Service Ticket screen in Cloud for Service has been enabled for most common mashup scenarios to do:

Create Order

Edit Order

Simulate Order (ATP/Price check)

Get Status of Order(s)

Most of these ECC transactions can be exposed as mashups in Cloud for Service using the HTML/URL mashups feature. To do this you need to do the following

1. Identify the WebDynPro or equivalent web UI for the ECC transaction you want to mashup and generate a "deep link" URL which is the URL you can paste into a browser session and directly navigate to the ECC transaction. Here is an example for ECC transaction VA01 (order create)

2. Identify which URL parameters you need to pass into the deep link URL so the transaction can execute successfully. In VA01 here are some samples for above:

  • VKORG= Sales Org ID/Name
  • VTWEG= Sales Distribution Channel ID/Name
  • SPART= Sales Division ID/Name
  • KUNAG= ERP Account External ID
  • AUART= Order Type (OR= Standard Orders, RE= Returns)

3. In Cloud for Customer Go to Administrator -> Mashup Authoring and Create a new HTML or URL mashup. The difference between the two is HTML is a iFrame within Cloud for Customer and a URL is a pop-up that opens on top of Cloud for Customer

4. Choose the following other settings for the Mashup

  • Mashup Category- Productivity & Tools
  • Port Binding- Ticket Info
  • Mashup Name- DH3 Create Order
  • Type- URL

5. Click on Extract Parameters to define the URL parameters. You can hardcode them to static values or map them to the mashup Outports. Outports are the ticket fields you can access when the mashup loads in context of a ticket and pass them dynamically into the URL.

6. Click on Preview to confirm the mashup loads correctly and than Save.

7. Deploy the mashup in the Ticket Screen via adaptation.

Good luck!

Rei Kasai

Product Management

SAP Cloud for Customer

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Hi Rei Kasai,

Thank you for reply and iits very useful information for me ....

But when i creating Custom BSP Application and create HTML Mashup with

Mashup Type  HTML Mashup

Port Binding     URL Navigation

Type             URL

after Save and Close

When i go to the Adept Mode and Check the Mashup and Web Service there is no HTML Mashup exist created above in the list

I really appreciate with your help but can you explore me whats missing in my steps .....

Many Thanks,


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That will depend if URL Navigation mashup port type is exposed on the screen you are trying to deploy the mashup. We have only confirmed that the service ticket screen is enabled for the ticket info port type. You will need to refer to the documentation for each screen on which mashup port types are available. If the mashup port type is exposed, then the mashup that is bound to that mashup port type will be shown in the mashup list in adapation for that specific screen,

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1. In step 1, how did you generate that "deep" URL link ?  What transaction to convert from VA01 to the URL ?

2.  Do you know how do these URLs (webdynpro / webguid) work on the iPad gui ?



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This deep link URL was given to me by the SAP BASIS consultant who manages our demo landscape. Here is what I found on google as generic help. Any BASIS consultant who is familiar with SD "Lean Order Management" and WebDynPro configuration should be able to get your these details...

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do you know if theres any way of accessing to ERP custom transaction (atock adjustments etc) from sap C4C mashup? is it possible ? if yes How?

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Hello Mounia,

Any transaction needs to be executed in the SAP GUI.

As a mashup is not a SAP GUI, the answer is simply (and sadly): No.



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I managed to open ECC within SAP Business ByDesign. Actually quite simply: create an URL mashup in ByD, and use as URL the Netweaver Business Client access to ECC. This URL can look like this: .

One can add parameters like "sap-client" or "sap-language" to ease the login into ECC when you enter the ByD screen which contains the mashup.

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