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SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .Net Framework (64 bit) Takes Over Separator Page

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We have to use SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .Net Framework (64 bit) for some internal software. However, when it is installed, it takes over the font on the windows separator page going to a Canon C7260. The separator page starts using the Code39 barcode font installed with SAP. If I remove SAP, the separator pages print as normal. It doesn't matter what program I print from, if SAP is installed, I get the barcode font on the banner page of the printer. Removing SAP and the banner page prints normally.

The printer has to have the banner page since it is in a document center and can potentially receive over a thousand print jobs a day. Unfortunately, uninstalling SAP is not an option since internal software used by the staff requires it.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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That is very odd...

Is your app Desktop or WEB?

What OS is your app running on?

What OS is their Printer Server running on?

Is that printer driver installed locally also, or just on the server? Try installing it locally, CR runtime may be using a different printer or it may be using Windows (Redirected 2) driver, which has issues.

Are they/you selecting the Printer manually or hard coded in code?

The only thing I can think would cause it would be how Windows maps the fonts. Possibly the other print jobs can't find the font it wants to use so it substitues to the Code39 font or it has the same name as the IDAutomation font uses and it's replaced when the runtime is installed. Windows will typically use Tahoma as the default font to map everything to.

If you are not using that barcode font then install the runtime and then uninstall the font, from the Windows font menu and see what happens.

You could try SP 24, but I doubt that would fix it:

If they use a different printer does it still happen?

Does the Printer driver have the ability to select default fonts? Maybe it's loading the last font installed or some odd behaviour like that.

I doubt it has anything to do with the UFL IDAutomation installs to use their font in CR.

What software are they using to manage the Header pages? I assume the the Header info is used so the users ID is attached to the print job correct?

Very strange...


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Hi Michael,

Very odd, never heard of this happening before.

What version of the SDK are you using?


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We are using SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .Net Framework (64-bit) version