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SAP Crystal Reports Print ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

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I am using "sap crystal_reports 2008 report viewer component" that comes along with kofax capture software. This is used by kofax software to display reports. After running the security scan, we have one vulnerability on that component. How do i mitigate that.

we have following version of printx component "PrintControl.dll Version is"

Is there a way to upgrade this version of PrintControl dll?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can upgrade to the last patch available 7.4 from here:

BUT BEFORE you upgrade check with the software makers to check to see if they support it, it can break things upgrading.

CR 2008 is 10+ years old, time to upgrade. We don't fix any security issues in legacy versions.

And no idea if that issue was resolved in the last patch.

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