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SAP Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2019

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When will be available the update for Crystal Reports for Visual Studio that will support Visual Studio 2019?

In this moment, opening a report in Visual Studio 2019 doesn't open the report designer but the report as a binary file.

In Visual Studio 2017 everything is working fine.


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When you click on the link on page

That goes to

and the download link goes to

File Not Found The file you have requested cannot be found. Please try your download again with a valid URL. If the problem persists, pleasereport an incident under component XX-SER-SAPSMP-SWC. Incident ID: 955d4db6-1c21-4876-b9fb-b1b986b34e16

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Same here. I actually managed to download the SP25 version of the Installation Package for Visual Studio on Friday. I just went back to get the runtimes, and now all the links are dead. I wonder if SP25 has been pulled? I installed it in a VM with VS2019 just to be safe, and it integrates and appears to be working fine.

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Hi, thank for the link..

I've try to install clickonce 13.0.25 but for me don't work... I have a project created with VS2010 and SAP 13.0.7, I've try to install VS2019 and SAP 13.0.25 but I can't see my old report created on SAP 13.0.7... I see only binary files...

Can you explain me wjat I do for see my old report?