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SAP Crystal Reports 2013 Viewer Does Not Seem To Connect To SQLExpress after Win10/64 Build

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We did have it working with WIn7/32 for (5) years but we seem to have trouble making it connect to same localhost\SQLExpress under Win10/64 Build.

We have single license somewhere TBD (Removed) CR 2013 INTL WIN with (28) character serial number.

SAP Crystal Reports 2013 Viewer


Build: 2013 Support Pack 8

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jerry,

Are you using SAP Crystal Reports Viewer or the CR for VS .NET Viewer in an application you wrote?

I don't believe the CR Viewer has the option to refresh and can only publish reports with saved data.

If you are/were using the the CR .NET SDK it's now available here: we don't ship it with the Designer anymore.

Also, To connect old reports to to newer SQL Servers you need to use the MS SQL Native 11 client, you can get it from the SQL 2012 server or download it from SM.

Reason is MS changed the Client dll so CR now has to use the newer client.

You may need to upgrade your version of SQL Express also.


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