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SAP CRM 7.0 EHP2 IT Service Desk Vs Solution Manager 7.1 SP12 ITSM

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Hello Experts,

I am currently evauluating the possible solution for the client ITSM process. We have both SAP CRM 7.0 EHP2 and Solution Manager 7.1 SP12

What we have:

1) Incident Management - (Currently using MS CRM)

2) Service Request Management - (Currently using MS CRM)

3) Problem Management - (Currently using MS CRM)

4) Change Management - (Currently using HP - PPM)

5) Configuration Items - New requirement

6) Knowledge Management - New Requirement

7) Contract Management - New Requirement

Business Process:

In the current system Incident s or service request can be raised by both internal within the organization and the external users outside the organization as well.

External User or Internal user will send an email for any issue he is facing. The service team currently using MS CRM, checks the email in their MS Outlook and create an incident in MS CRM.

If any approvals required it is routed according approval procedure once all the approval are obtained the incident will be updated accordingly by the service team

If any change required then a change request has to be raised

If it relates to the problem then a problem request has to be raised with respect to the incident

Notification email will trigger to all the related parties for each and every status change or assigned to new team etc.

My understanding on Solution Manager 7.1:

After going through multiple blogs over last few days I understood that SAP has provided the full functionality in Solution Manager 7.1.


Which is recommended CRM or Solution Manager?

We have licenses for both CRM IT service desk and Solution Manager IT Service Management Professional services. Is these licenses sufficient or do we need to take new licenses?

For change management is it meant only for ChaRM process in Solution Manager? Can we customize it to replace HP-PPM?

Can we configure contract management for the assets and configurable items in Solution Manager? or is this can be done in CRM?

Please also tell me the advantages or benefits to use Solution Manager than CRM for the ITSM process or viceversa. So that I can have some points to support the recommended solution.

Thanks and Regards,

Raghu Danda

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Answers (2)

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Thanks Raghu...

I agree with you. I also came to know that the client would need CRM Licenses to be able to use full capabilities of ITSM in SOLMAN. Lucky for me, my client has both CRM and SOLMAN so I am moving ITSM with Service Request and Service Order capabilities in to SOLMAN.

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Dear Raghu,

I have a similar requirement where we are evaluating CRM vs Solution Manager.

Any information that you could share based on your findings would be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

Farhad Wahid.

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Dear Farhad,

We are currently implementing CRM IT service desk for our client as they already invested a lot in CRM.

I recommend to use SOLMN for ITSM if your client have the ITSM processes to be implemented.

SOLMAN has all the processes integrated and it is easy to configure.

Latest versions of SOLMAN has the integration of both CRM-ITSM process and SOLMAN ALM Process

SOLMAN ITSM has the verified ITIL v2011 edition certificate for all the ITSM processes

If you need more details, please let me know.

As I am not sure what is your business model, I am not able to comment more.

Thanks and Regards,

Raghu Danda