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SAP CPI Open Connectors Adapter - PATCH-Method for specific objects isn't working

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The Integration Scenario is the following:

The Receiver is OpenConnectors. From there it goes further to Jira. An existing issue (object) in Jira should be actualized.

The Adapter Settings:

In the Content Modifier the Content-Type "application/json" ist set. By executing this Scenario with a "GET", it is working without Problems. But other commans like PUT, PATCH and POST aren't working. The error I get is: HTTP operation failed : 400

Any idea why the GET Method is working, but other Methods like PATCH aren't?



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Also, I tried to execute this PATCH-Method through Postman. It was successful:

In the Headers I only set the Authorization Details (which are also set in CPI) and the Content-Type application/json (which is also set in CPI). I used the same payload in the Body as in the CPI. And it is working.

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I still got no idea why the PATCH-Method in the OpenConnectors Adapter isn't working (is there any official statement about the faulty PATCH-Method in this Adapter-Type?). Instead I used the HTTP-Adapter. The Method PATCH is not available, i had to use the PUT-Method. I set the Authentification-Tokens from Open Connectors into a variable "Authorization" in the Message Header of the Content Modifier. Not the optimal way but it works.