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SAP CPI OData $filter - Left hand expression of memberaccess operator has wrong cardinality

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I am new in CPI and OData related topics and facing an issue when I want to $filter data.

I am using the API "Replicate Business Partners (Customers) from SAP S/4HANA Cloud to Salesforce as Accounts" from API Business Hub. Replicate Account from SAP S4HANA Cloud to Salesforce | IFlow | SAP API Business Hub

The requirment is to send only Customers in specific SalesOrganization (for example 0874) to Salesforce
It could be the case that one customer has several SalesOrganization in S4HC maintained.

In my OData channel I have selected following Entity with Sub Levels 2 to retrive the SalesOrganization

I have set up the $filter as following

When I run the IFlow I am getting following error:
Left hand expression of memberaccess operator has wrong cardinality (to many not allowed)

I also tried several custom querys but always getting the same error.

For example:
$filter= Customer ne null and to_Customer/to_CustomerSalesArea/SalesOrganization eq '0874'

Any ideas how to get only the customers in specifc SalesOrganization ?

Thank you very much,


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I am still struggling with this issue.

Any workaround ideas?