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SAP CPI Fields are pushed to the end after message mapping


Hi All

Can anyone help me to solve this issue which i am facing in all my i-flows

I have four fields having type string, date, picklist which i want to pick from SF and push to SFTP server as excel format, expected format is id, name, state, area in which id is string type in SF, name is string type in SF, state is a picklist type, area is a string type in SF

But after message mapping when i check the file all the fields are not in order as per XSD file, i observed except picklist fields all the other fields are coming in order and picklist field at last

Like - id,name,area and then State (where state is a picklist field which is coming in last of the file)

what is expected is id,name,state then area


Naveen V

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Hi Sriprasad

I checked the data is maintained and the values also coming in the file, but still it is coming at the end of the file

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Did you get it resolved? I am also getting the same issue..