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SAP Consumer Web service not working with mutual certificate authentication SOAMANAGER

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Hello Experts,

We are trying to use .net service in our SAP and create consumer web -service.

For that we want to use mutual certificate authentication .Apart from that web service has SSL enabled and it runs on TLS 1.2 mechanism.

There are 4 certs available for us to make mutual certificate work.

1. Private Key of server (.pfx key of .net application which is not needed on SAP)

2. Public key of Server (certificate of server. I have imported in WS Security standard)

3. Public key of client. (I have received .pfx key of client from app owner and I have imported as PSE in WS Security key of SAP.)

4. Publice key of server (this is imported on server side to decrypt private key from client/SAP)

So Certificates i have uploaded on WS Security standard and WS security key. Created logical ports via SOAMANAGER but still mutual certificate authentication is not working.

It is giving me error as

1.0.xsd An error occurred when verifying security for the message.

Exception of class CX_AI_SYSTEM_FAULT

Can anyone help of they have worked on mutual certificate authentication in SAP

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