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SAP Connection with Azure and Amazon

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Hi everyone,

In my company we has migrated active data to SAP system since 2015, and we still have other historical data stored in oracle database.

So we search for the best solution to archive this cold data(maybe AWS S3 Glacier or Azure Archive blob storage) as it is not used frequently, we also need to access this archived data from our SAP system.

Any recommendation for archiving solution?

and how can I access to this archived data from our sap system?

Thanks in advance

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Many thanks!

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There is a company providing connectors for storing SAP documents into more or less everything, AWS S3, Azure, SharePoint O365, etc. The connector is YAC or YAC for SharePoint

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Hi Kodwa Jammeli,

To better understand your requirement, you should to provide more information. For example:
- What kind of historical data is stored in the Oracle database (e.g. sales documents, financial documents)?
- Does the historical data belong to your old non-SAP ERP system?
- How many tables are involved and how large is the data volume?
- How do the users access the data today?
- Why was the data not migrated to the SAP system in 2015?
- Why do you want to move the data to the AWS S3 Glacier or Azure Archive blob storage?
- Why do you need to access the data from the SAP system?
- Which SAP system do you use?
- …

Best regards,

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Hi koja,

Maybe you want Archiving solutions like openText or Glacier, Azure data lake sort of, like below,