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I have been contributing to the Datashpere community for a few years now. As one of the users of the first version od DSP, having participated in betas such as Data Flows, I have tried to help all those who had doubts about the product, and of course, I have also asked for advice when I was the one who did not have something clear.

I believe that the community is something very powerful, but this new version makes me lose a lot of time, time that I lend voluntarily.

In the previous version I logged in every day, it was part of my routine at work, which made me appear for many months as top 1 datasphere contributors in the old community.

But now, the obstacles that have been put to write a simple post, to comment answers in a thread or to do a simple search complicate its use.

Write a post

I enter the community by filtering by the tag "SAP Datasphere" ... something already rare (there is no group, folder or channel, only a tag), and I want to write a post and it makes me choose the "location".


WTF ... a lot of SAP Successfactors boards??. Mental note: leave DSP and learn SSFF, they even have groups!!!
Ok, remember where is the group where you write about datasphere ... yes, look in others, google it, ... ok, under "Products and Technology" > "Technology" > "Technology Q&A".  Mental note: for next time forget about datasphere, remember you are a technologist with questions and answers, so ... it's easy. 


When someone asks a question and you answer it, many times there is a discussion about it, and you have to write several messages with the "Comment" option ... which allows you to enter a line of text, where you will write your answer comfortably, right? 


Have you tried mentioning someone in a comment? or using bold? or quote?... you can't.
Use notepad or open another window and type in a new post then copy and paste into the tiny reply box.

All this makes the job much easier, doesn't it?

Search for knowledge

Ok, I have a question and I want to see if anyone has asked about this topic. It is about how to UPDATE a table using a flow. Well you can't, but I'm looking for people who are interested in this topic, to ask them to vote for my "cutomer influence idea" to support it (please vote here

Go to seach box, select Q&A and write "update flow"


to much generic, not for datasphere ... it seems that the search does not take into account that I was using the datasphere tag on the page, ... add datasphere


did you mean atmosphere? ... SAP please add technical terms to index.

Ok, 1000 results, to much for me, How can I filter from the results the ones posted with the datasphere tag (which are the ones I am interested in)? I, at least, have not known how to do it.



These are just a few examples of things that at least in my case I used to do every day, now they become more complicated and difficult, and requiere more time (more of my time), for something that we do voluntary.

I just hope that someone from SAP DSP sees this and talks it over with those who manage the community, because in my opinion the increase in DSP adoption by customers and partners, is not reflected in the usage of the DSP community.

At least in my case, it doesn't motivate me to log in as often as it used to.


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I do a trick / hack with this one line of annoying comment. Just comment and submit it first, then edit it.

Then I have a full editor and I can tag the author and others: @XaviPolo  @TuncayKaraca 

That's sure! Very annoying and time consuming! 😑 


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Hi @XaviPolo,

I totally agree with you. Couple things:

I've voted your SAP Datasphere Customer Influence Request Enable UPDATE mode in dataflows

I do a trick / hack with this one line of annoying comment. 






There is one interest group that can be chose for board: Data and Analytics



But as you see there are only 8 posts and 58 members. So it's not an active group! 🙂 So the dilemma is do I need to continue submit discussions and blog posts in Technology or switch and submit in Data and Analytics? !  I don't want to do double postings!  


Other difference between Technology and Groups like Data and Analytics. You can comment on the reply in the Groups but not in Technology. It's also very annoying.



Maybe we can switch and make Data and Analytics more active.


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I thought about what you said about posting and editing, but I thought that the user would receive an email notifying a reply with the initial text, before the subsequent edit. But yes, it is a trick that works.

Good research, again work for us to discover these groups and make decisions on things that are not ours. I see it complicated to push that group if SAP doesn't do it, by putting links on the DSP product website, or on the DSP itself.

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@XaviPoloI've attempted to make Data and Analytics group live and handy & usable! Check out How long do I need to wait for a blog post that I submitted for review in Data and Analytics group? and Reply but unfortunately there is no hope! 😑