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SAP Cloud: HANA MDC Failed to drop the database


Hi there,

I tried to create a HANA MDC (<trial>) Database which was not successful (maybe I did something wrong - was my first try at all) Unfortunatly, the creation process was not fully successful and the DB was not running (see EventLog bildschirmfoto-2019-01-03-um-170310.png )

java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed addon [hanaxs_sha_setup] installation for host [] account [null] dbAlias [IZY] with message [Call to Orchestrator failed with code: 406
Error ID: 1645b23a-4db4-4cc5-b1b7-9c53d16b8316

After that, I tried to delete (several times via Web UI) + Neo tools (Command line) and get always the same Error (see EventLog bildschirmfoto-2019-01-03-um-170627.png )

Delete Failed to drop the database 

Delete java.lang.RuntimeException: Setup SAP Host Agent using Add-On failed due to: Operation timeout

Error ID: 0bd8187c-9a38-43a0-becd-229e63d4ab08

If someone of the SAP crew could help me out on this, would be great. I saw, that jin.wong was helping out in this topic



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