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SAP Cloud foundry: switching to Java 11 from Java 8

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Dear SAP community,

Me and my team are trying to switch our SAP Cloud Foundry runtime environment from Java 8 to Java 11. We did all the preparations in our SAP CAP project, but after getting problems on the cloud instance side, saying that it only supports Java 52 (Java 8), instead of 55 (Java 11) - we found out that the cloud instance should also be configurated to support Java 11 as described here:

However, after trying out the commands, we encounter the following issue:

Staging von App und Tracing von Protokollen...   
Downloading sap_java_buildpack...
Downloaded sap_java_buildpack
Cell c0eda449-21ac-41f7-af20-2a6854205e6f creating container for instance d923a42e-0226-4a85-a1d5-aeb53fe6ac28
Cell c0eda449-21ac-41f7-af20-2a6854205e6f successfully created container for instance d923a42e-0226-4a85-a1d5-aeb53fe6ac28
Downloading app package...
Downloading build artifacts cache...
Downloaded build artifacts cache (130B)
Downloaded app package (112.7M)
Finalizing Java application...
/tmp/buildpacks/98f17cd0a682776c63d3e8f6ec93b4db/lib/ruby/configuration_utils.rb:144:in `rescue in load_configuration': User configuration value in environment variable JBP_CONFIG_COMPONENTS has invalid syntax: (<unknown>): found unexpected ':' while scanning a plain scalar at line 1 column 9 (RuntimeError)
from /tmp/buildpacks/98f17cd0a682776c63d3e8f6ec93b4db/lib/ruby/configuration_utils.rb:140:in `load_configuration'
from /tmp/buildpacks/98f17cd0a682776c63d3e8f6ec93b4db/lib/ruby/configuration_utils.rb:68:in `load'
from /tmp/buildpacks/98f17cd0a682776c63d3e8f6ec93b4db/lib/ruby/add_java.rb:39:in `add_javavm'
from /tmp/buildpacks/98f17cd0a682776c63d3e8f6ec93b4db/lib/ruby/add_java.rb:128:in `<main>'
Failed to compile droplet: Failed to run finalize script: exit status 1
Exit status 223
Cell c0eda449-21ac-41f7-af20-2a6854205e6f stopping instance d923a42e-0226-4a85-a1d5-aeb53fe6ac28
Cell c0eda449-21ac-41f7-af20-2a6854205e6f destroying container for instance d923a42e-0226-4a85-a1d5-aeb53fe6ac28
Cell c0eda449-21ac-41f7-af20-2a6854205e6f successfully destroyed container for instance d923a42e-0226-4a85-a1d5-aeb53fe6ac28
Fehler beim Staging der Anwendung: App staging failed in the buildpack compile phase

Its as if this ruby configuration has some kind of syntax error, which is out of our scope.

Have you ever experienced this issue? Do you have any successful examples of switching from Java 8 to 11?

Kind regards,


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