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SAP Cloud Foundry Portal Service get user id issue.

I've created a launchpad module using Portal Service (Cloud Foundry). I strictly followed the documentation.

In UI5 application we use the following line to get a user id from the shell container:


It returns a GUID like "99f49ce9-d291-41d6-9ed4-f1fd59933530" but on Neo Portal it returns my SAP user instead, that is correct. At the meanwhile it returns the correct user name and user email.

So my question is should we customize the Portal service to return a valid user id instead of a GUID?

I know a workaround how to get a user id from the application router, but it would be better getting it via shall API as previously.

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First of all my question is what do you want to do with the User ID? You can't trust anything that is done in the client.

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Hi Gregor, yeah I understand it, but we format a string and display on the client. It worked in NEO, and it's problematically to add backend logic in CF.

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