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SAP Cloud ALM and ServiceNow Integration - has it worked for anyone?

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Hi All,

After trying my hands on the integration for over 2 months now and failing, I am finally reaching out to this community to see if the integration ever worked for any of you?

Has anyone made it work with oauth authentication and APIgee involved (because direct integration isn't allowed in your org).

Even though SAP provides standard mapping, do we need to follow that format? Can we create our own mapping from scratch for ServiceNow integration? 

If any of you has created mapping from scratch and it has worked, could you please share?

Any help or information with your experience, whether you were able to successfully integrate it or not, please share here. I would love to know how it worked or not worked for you?

Thank you.



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Tripti,

I can't speak to the middleware topic (APIgee, etc.), but I can speak about the mapping topic.

It doesn't matter if you use one of the "built-in" mapping examples as a start point/template, or if you create a mapping from scratch.
The mapping you use must always follow the formats and conventions that SAP Cloud ALM supports, outlined in the below guides:

A mapping in the External API Management app typically includes "placeholder" attributes in its JSON.
When an event is created in SAP Cloud ALM, it includes a "payload" from the usecase that triggered the event.
That "payload" contains the useful data like the affected system/service, metric name, etc.
The SAP Cloud ALM event triggers processing of the mapping "placeholder" attributes, and replaces them with real values from the "payload". 
The transformed data is then sent to the external API via our background jobs and processes. 

The child pages of the Management of External APIs guide have more information about the different payloads that SAP Cloud ALM provides for use in mappings.

Because of this workflow and process, the mapping file you maintain for any external software (be that ServiceNow, or another ticketing program) must always follow the guidelines in the links I shared above.

Generally speaking (e.g. if middleware like APIgee is not a factor), the "built-in" mappings for ServiceNow work "out-of-the-box" without changes.
They will provide a barebones ticket creation experience, but will function fine.