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SAP_CCMS_MONI_BATCH_DP takes along time to complete

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SAP_CCMS_MONI_BATCH_DP is taking a long time to complete on CRM 4.0 installed on windows 2003 server.

It does it randomly and that results in the slow performance of the System.

Unable to find the reason why it takes longtime to complete and how can i avoid that to happen.

Thanks and regards,

Harshit Pandey

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I would suggest you to check the following points and also refer the below note and link if that could help in resolving your issue.

1) Is this job scheduled hourly? If yes then is the long runtime happening for all hours or only at particular times?

2) When the job is taking long time to run then check in the system if any other programs or jobs are running and is there any user load. Also check at the OS level which process is consuming the processor.

3) Also, when this job is running, check the status of the same in SM50 and see in which table it is processing and how it is reading like sequential or direct?

4) Also, you might be having development, quality and production system for CRM. Is this problem happening on all systems?

5) Is your DB checks and update statistics running as regularly as per the schedule. (Better to run them once in a day at off peak time)

Note 1317328 - SAP_CCMS_MONI_BATCH_DP - long runtime due to SAPMSSYT

/thread/537040 [original link is broken]



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It runs hourly and only takes long time at a particular time.

usually it ends in almost 600-700 secs but one in a day it takes 5000 secs and at that if its during the working hours then users experience the latency in the system.

The problem is only on production system, DEV and Quality are fine.

DB checks and update statistics are running regularly as per the schedule.

Please see the details of the job at the time of problem


Analysed time: 27.07.2010 / 09:03:31 - 27.07.2010 / 11:03:31 Time frame: +/- 00:02:00

Aggregated TA: 09:50:14 1 Job SAP_CCMS_MONI_BATCH_DP ADMIN

Analysis of time in work process

CPU time 126,109 ms Number Roll ins 5

RFC+CPIC time 125 ms Roll outs 3

Enqueues 5

Total time in workprocs 4023623 ms

Load time Program 658 ms

Response time 4023623 ms Screen 0 ms

CUA interf. 60 ms

Wait for work process 0 ms

Processing time 99,685 ms Roll time Out 1 ms

Load time 718 ms In 1 ms

Generating time 0 ms Wait 0 ms

Roll (in+wait) time 1 ms

Database request time 3923219 ms Frontend No.roundtrips 0

Enqueue time 0 ms GUI time 0 ms

Net time 0 ms

Analysis of ABAP/4 database requests (only explicitly by application)

Database requests total 170,826 Request time 3,923,219 ms

Commit time 8 ms

Type of Database Requests Database Request Avg.time /

ABAP/4 request rows Requests to buffer calls time (ms) row (ms)

Total 668,058 170826 25,768 145,684 3923,219 5.9

Direct read 52 25950 25,759 3,310 63.7

Sequential read 667,994 144864 9 145,672 3919,401 5.9

Update 12 12 12 500 41.7

Delete 0 0 0 0 0.0

Insert 0 0 0 0 0.0

Commit 8

No DB procedure statistics for this record.

Profile parameter stat/dbprocrec is set to 0

Runtime value of stat/dbprocrec is set to 0

There was no recording of DB procedures!

Task and memory information

Job step/name/start 1 SAP_CCMS_MONI_BATCH_DP 09:50:14

Terminal In-message 0 Bytes

Terminal Out-message 0 Bytes

Client 250

Type Job

Trans.-ID: 8DD6BCB6CB084FB9A3A41E09B108EB47

Batch-input queue time 0 ms

RFC interface time 125 ms

DDIC interface time 0 ms

Total memory used 1,119 kB

Max. memory used in roll area 101,215 Bytes

New allocated paging memory 24 kB

Max. extended memory used

In session 389,948 kB

In dialog step 389,948 kB

Extended memory in use 1,020 kB

Private memory in use 0 kB

Workprocesses in PRIV mode No

Workprocesses restarted 1

No table requests for this aggregation.

Profile parameter stat/tabrec is set to 0

Runtime value of stat/tabrec is set to 0

There was no recording of table accesses!

Bytes transfered

Total 553,544,524 Bytes

Sources + Loads 0 Bytes

Batch-Input queue 0 Bytes

Requested by application 553,544,524 Bytes

No rfc subrecords for this aggregation.

No time intervals for this aggregation.

No spool subrecords for this aggregation.

No adm message subrecords for this record.

Profile parameter stat/adrec is set to 0

Runtime value of stat/adrec is set to 0

There was no recording of adm messages!

No client info for this record.

No HTTP info for this record.

No http subrecords for this aggregation.