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SAP CAP + Fiori Elements with Error in Draft oDataV4

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Hi CAP Masters!

I read in blogs and SAP help that ODataV4 needs to be created in draft to enable Create/Edit option in Fiori elements.  That´s fine, so I included the annotation "@odata.draft.enabled", It works. 

However, I am working with an "API Odata Standard ODatav4" that does not have the draft fields.
So when I try to read(get)/Create(Post) from standard Fiori Elements actions the following messages are raised:  
[cds] - Error: Error during request to remote service: Property 'HasActiveEntity' not found 
>  [remote] - Error: Error during request to remote service: Invalid token 'IsActiveEntity' at position '2'   

<message>Error during request to remote service: Property 'IsActiveEntity' not found</message>

@gregorw  @Marian_Zeis
Have you already faced this situation before ?

Thank you!
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I would think that @rizing/cds-extension should help you there. There are also two sample repositories:

Maybe @jhodel18 can confirm.

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Hi @gregorw ! Wow, your tip was a trigger for a well-structured world regarding Draft, I learned a lot, thank you very much! I spoke with Jodel and it seems that the new version of Node.js has impacted the Plugin solution and is no longer adherent. We continue to wait for the solution, and for now we will just leave it with the Read and Delete action to serve the customer, and looking for some alternatives, Fiori Free Style perhaps. Note: Great presentations at reCAP2023, congratulations!