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SAP CAP external ODATA which does not support skip

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I have an external ODATA service (MS Graph user API) which I want to use for a user search in a CAP application (based on a value help dialog).


So this works in general and I'm able to retrieve the initial set of data. But if the search returns more data the table tries to load the additional records with a $skip call the the MS Graph API. The api does not support these call and returns an exception.

Error during request to remote service: '$skip' is not supported by the service.

So I added the annotation:

@Capabilities.SkipSupported: false
entity users as projection on app.users;

But this setting has no influence on the value help. So the call is send with the $skip parameter...

Anybody an idea ?

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did you try removing the skip by implementing a "before" handler?

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I tried it in the on handler... but it did not work out, as I do not know what values to reset.