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SAP CAP: Build of /bookshop/db failed

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Colleagues,

I am following the series MISSION: Build Your First Full-Stack App on SAP Cloud Platform. In between at the tutorial - Add a Database to your Business Application, at Step 1, when I build the db module, I get the below error and the build fails:

7:42:10 PM (Executor) Build command failed : Build failed: Failed during post build event: Failed to create JSON from build log: json: cannot unmarshal string into Go struct field BuilderLog.level of type int
7:42:10 PM (Executor) The "task for hdb build" process finished with code 1
7:42:10 PM (Executor) Build of /bookshop/db failed.

As suggested in tutorial, i have changed the plugin_version property in db/src/.hdiconfig file from to Still there the build fails.

Attaching the complete Log details.log-db-build-failed.txt

Attaching the screenshot of my Workspace including the .hdiconfig fileplugin version change.workspacetree.png

Can someone provide help?

Thanks in advance,

Mary Jose

Active Contributor

I was able to replicate the issue based on the project I've shared at bookshop-java. I would think that must be caused by last weeks SAP CP upgrade. I've reported an issue here.

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Answers (3)

I am facing same issue any suggestions


Hi Mary,

Thanks for reporting this.

This is a known issue and we are working to solve this.

This error occurs because the builder fails to parse the error message in the build.

If the project is without errors it will run 🙂

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Hi avishai.klaiman, any news on this front? I'm having the same issue..

mary.jose have you perhaps found any success with this problem?