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SAP CALM - Enabling "ABAP Application log" Notifications for specific filters

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Dear Gurus

On SAP Cloud ALM, I need setup the sending of an email to certain user as per certain (for example: when specific entry is created on SLG1 Transaction Code for Object "X" , Subobject "Y", Message Class and Message Number ) "Application Log" event belonging to a S/4HANA Systema 2022 FPS2 (SAP RISE) is being triggered.

On Integration & Exception scenario I have created a Monitoring including all the filters I have described above however, when I try create an event in order enable the email Notification, I don´t have the chance neither select such Monitoring nor add filters ( Application Log Object, Subobject, Message Class and Message Number) for Event "Erroneous ABAP Application Log"

Any guidance will be appreciated

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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It is currently not possible for SAP Cloud ALM Integration & Exception Monitoring to generate alerts/e-mails/chat notifications/tickets for Integration & Exception Monitoring metrics with "success" status. It is only possible to generate alerts/e-mails/etc. for metrics with failure statuses.

The Integration & Exception Monitoring Monitoring tab allows you to configure the data collection for specific categories/metrics related to a system or service. Those configurations give you the option input filters so your SAP Cloud ALM tenant will only collect very specific data from your monitored system.
You can for example collect only errors, or collect only "positive" data (successful messages, etc.), and so on.

But the categories/metrics data collection configuration and filters are separate and different from the event configurations. Collecting only "success" messages in your categories/metrics data collection configuration does not give the ability to send e-mails about that data.

Integration & Exception Monitoring currently only offers the option to trigger events in response scenarios when there are errors or issues. The word "Erroneous" is included at the start of the event names to indicate that they are for issues. No events are currently available for responding to "successful" metrics.