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SAP BW - utilities EDM business content and usage

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Dear experts,

I would like to know what the best practise and experience is regaring the usage of EDM business content for utilities.

We need to create balance settlement reports and have a huge amount of data volume (meters which submit a meter reading every 15 minutes).

What are the best practises regarding the usage of SAP Business Content for EDM balance settlement reports?

Are real time/direct access extractors available/used.

If detailed records need to be available for reporting, is this done directly on the source system? Or is BW used?

Is reporting in for example webi possible in the source system directly (not desired).

Could you please help me on answering these questions, any other input regaring SAP BW and EDM reporting is more than welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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After few weeks of BI Content analysis, we decided to developp our specific BW EDM extractors and modelisation (inspired by the BI Content).

Because of our large analysis and the oldness of the BI Content, we decided not to use remote cube but usual PSA > DSO > Cubes > Multi model.

Users requests in BW are very fast and we are now working on optimizing the load process between ERP and BW.

I am interrested in BW EDM and BW IS-U implementations too.

Best regards.

PS: We keep an eye on HANA.

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I think the growing challenges of unbundling and smart metering make the EDM topic more and more important. So I'm curious to know if there are some experiences or war stories for EDM/IS-U in relationship to BW reporting.

In january I will start with the standard content. Perhaps someone is interested to share some informations abot the steps for this case. Is BW realy sensful for EDM?

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Hello there, I can only provide link to Business Content of EDM: