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SAP BW EXtractors


Hi Experts,

I need to check for SAP BW standard reports for sap audit assurance and compliance 1.4 .When i checked in sap audit help portal - i could not see any BW reports and it is mentioned as analytics dashboard and no further details mentioned. Please share standard BW reports or BW extractors if it supports or any link which explains list of reports or BW extractors or Bex queries. Please share some links to get insights

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Hi Deepthi,

what are you searching for exactly? For queries or for extractors?

If you are looking for queries, I would recommend to use the technical content to have very robust information about queries and their usage etc.

Here you can see the Analysis for Office view on that technical content reports. With the right drills and filters you will be able to find lists about all queries.

I hope this helps.