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SAP bw bridge: switch off old BW on premise and move to DWC

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Good afternoon,

I need more info about a scenario contemplating a move from an old BW on premise (7.0 so really old) to Datawarehouse on Cloud using the new SAP BW Bridge as the intermediate step.

I see that first, old BW must be updated at least to 7.3 version and then all the existing objects can be move to SAP BW Bridge (in which they are transformed into BW/4 Objects). After that from BW Bridge they can be reused into SAP DWC exploiting its features.

Once the objects have been moved to SAP BW Bridge, I guess the old BW can be switched off (in the sense that the very on premise server will be dismissed).

Can some one help to clarify my view?

Thanks in advance,


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