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SAP BW/4HANA 1.0 SP05 and BPC 11 SP01 including BW/4 Content SP02 - Revoked

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I have started working in a solution instance of "SAP BW/4HANA 1.0 SP05 and BPC 11 SP01 including BW/4 Content SP02" but am currently not able to connect to it ('partner not reached' error).

I see that the status for the whole solution is 'Revoked' ('The solution is revoked centrally from SAP') - what does this mean? Will the solution, and my own instance, become available again? If so, please could some timescales be given.

Many thanks.

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Hi Tsanko,

Here's the screenshot as requested. Please let me know what you need next.



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Hello Simon,

It looks like this security groups is the default security group of the vpc.

SAP Cloud Appliance Library does not use it.

Could you navigate to the security group through the AWS instances UI?

  • Go to the Instances List in the AWS Console
  • Select one of your instances (preferably the S/4 HANA one)
  • Search its attributes and there you should find a hyperlink to its security group
  • Share this screenshot

These steps are recommended based on the assumption that there was no manual intervention outside of SAP Cloud Appliance Library.

Best Regards,