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SAP Business One Matching Criteria in Bank Statment Processing

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I have a query, I have a scenrio with SAP Business One Bank Statment Processing.

Let's say I have a balance of 100 in the incoming payments, the system automatically populates all the AR Invoices/Incoming Payments open documents which have a balance of 100. Now to avoid manually selecting as per going through the bank statement. I want the system to automatically select the AR Invoice/Incoming Payment which is there in the bank statement line item. I have worked with Matching Criteria only the Balance Amount is working and the rest is not. 

Any inputs.

With Regards,

Samudra Gupta

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If I understand correctly, you've set up matching criteria by balance due, so posting proposal gives you a list of all invoices with this amount? This is actually a normal behavior.

If you want to match a specific AR invoice, you need to set a criteria that can match this specific document. I would suggest using document number (DocNum), which needs to be entered in Doc. Identification No. field on Bank Statement Processing.

Now, I suppose you don't want to manually enter document number, so you should implement the whole payment process in accordance with your bank statement processing setup:

1. On AR Invoice layout, provide payment reference for your customers equal to your document number ("Please use payment reference DocNum when performing the payment").

2. Use EFM to create/edit a mapping format for importing bank statements. In this format, make sure to map payment reference from bank statement to Doc. Identification No field in B1 BSP. This way the field will be auto-populated when importing the statement.

3. Set matching criteria for documents to Document Number.

4. When you click posting proposal, the system will match a specific AR Invoice based on DocNum

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Yes, you understood my point exactly. Actually I am doing External Reconciliation. Most of the matching critieria I could find are the UDFs. The Posting Date and Balanec Amount I could find standards. Now Even I am doing with Document Number matching criteria. In the matching criteria- External Reconciliation I could find the Document Number selection of the UDF that we created and not the standard SAP document number. Becuase what I am seeing in the screen of Bank Statment Processing, I could not find any UDFs over there. 

Thanks for the respose.