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SAP Business Objects restful api Logoff

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I have reports in SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 that need to be refreshed daily. I'm trying to automate the process using the SAP BO REST API. However, I'm encountering an issue with the logoff request. When I run the logoff request, it returns a 200 success status, but it doesn't actually log me off. As a result, successive connections are generated, and I lose access to my account. I want to know if my request and headers are correct, and if there is a way to check if the logoff is functioning properly. Alternatively, please suggest another method for logging off

Any help would be appreciated,

here is my logoff in python:

hostUrl = 'http://server_name:6405/biprws'

my logoff in postman:

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Which version of BusinessObjects are you using?


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I think your biprws url for logoff is wrong.

Try with this one:
hostUrl = 'http://server_name:6405/biprws/v1'