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SAP Business Explorer Analyzer Performance testing

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Hi, All

I don't have any experience in SAP at all. So maybe I will ask silly questions.

I was asked to provide performance testing for SAP Business Explorer Analyzer. As you know it is Excel base application with ActiveX control from SAP. HP Loadrunner doesn't support such configuration (It can only work with SAPGUI). So I am forced to search for other possible solutions. So maybe here I can get ideas and opinions about options:

1. I asked SAP admins about possibility to do the same things what users do from BEx (query execution + some drill down in data) in SAPGUI, maybe with predefined parameters or with additional customization. Unfortunately I've got an answer that it isn't possible at all. Is it really?

2. Another idea is to simulate what users do in BEx with VBA since anyway Excel interacts with BEx engine via DBA. There I met another problem. There is no any documentation about ActiveX components (e.g. or API used in BExAnalyzer.xla. The question is "is it possible or not to fully automate all data manipulation with VBA" and "Where can I get documentation about SAP VBA API?"



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You can run the queries with drilldown using transaction rsrt in list mode and interact via standard screen functions

This won't however give you the WAN or the presentation server overhead (ie formatting of the cells with excel wrappers of styles)

Read here for a testing example