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SAP Build REST API response mapping with LIST control in SAP BUILD

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In my SAP BUILD app, i created a new classic data entity with following option: i.e. "SAP BTP Destination REST API Integration".

I have set the data variable which will pick up this data from REST API and put it in a Data variable.

With this setup, in the UI Canvas, I am using a “List Item” control and binding its “Repeat with” property with data.Customer_Data.value.value

And setting its primary label binding with current.formattedName

I am expecting to display a list of customer formattedName field value to be displayed as a repeated result in this list on load of the app screen.

But its not loading the desired result with this list control. Can anyone please suggest if I am missing anything.

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

If marchuber03 's answer is good, can you label it as accepted?

If not, can you explain more the issue and what is not appearing?

Note that you could slightly simplify your set up by adding a response mapper so that only the list is returned and you don't have to filter when creating the data variable. In the response mapper, add:

{ records:, driverCode: response.status }
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daniel.wroblewski , vikastechgupta Appreciate if you can have a look at this question, Thanks in advance! 🙂

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hi YogSSohanee, i have the same issue - can you share the solution to this? thanks