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SAP Build Apps QR Code generation issue on mobile device


I am building a simple app, that gets an QR code from an image URL.

On the SAP Build Apps Web Application it works perfectly (see the "Screenshot 2023-06-16...png").
The same App opened on the SAP Build Apps mobile device (in my case, an iOS phone, see "qr code on mobile device.jpeg), it does not show the QR code (I gave the image url element two different frames to see, to see if they are existent at all).

So you see the QR codes are somewhat existent (the app seems to read the format and gives them a border that I customized). 
Any idea on what to do here to make it work?
When I use the "open in browser" function it works. But I want the QR code to be directly available on the screen, just as in the WebApp where it is already working.

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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

You are using an API or just a URL to a QR code?

Is there any base64 going on here, since that has worked differently on device and web?

And then you want to simply display that image in your app? Could I replicate what you are doing simply by taking a QR code (image) on the web, for example:


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Hi Dan,

I took your qrcode.jpg link and added it to my app quickly ( the third one). You see, if it is a clear image (ending in .jpg) it works.

Essentially my two other qr codes are api calls. The response unfortunately is a "svg+xml" response, not a ".jpg".
Let me explain what is happening with the two qr codes.
1. QR code with an orange border: this one takes the response from the URL (svg+xml) converts it to an base64string, then I decode it to an image url (looks like this: [...]).

2. QR code with light blue dotted border: this one is the URL itself with the response looking like this:
<svg xmlns="" height="279" width="279" class="pyqrcode"><path transform="scale(3)" stroke="#000" class="pyqrline" d="M4 4.5h7m1 0h5m4 0h4m4 0h1m2 0h2m6 0h1m2 0h1m1 0h2m3 0h1m1 0h3m2 0h1m1 0h1m1 0h4m1 0h2m3 0h1m1 0h2m3 0h1m1[...]</svg>

So I GUESS the SAP Build Apps preview has an issue with svg/xml responses. 
Do you have any workaround for me?

web app vs mobile device.png

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Hi @Dan_Wroblewski

have you looked into my reply?