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SAP Build Apps Integration with Build Process automation Errored out as 422.

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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to integrate SAP Build Apps and Build process automation through API calls. To achieve this I followed the below steps.

Step 1: Create an Api trigger in process automation.

Step 2: Exposed the Workflow API instance in Postman, I got 201 status code as created success fully message as shown bellow.


Step3: Created a destination with the same URL in SAP BTP as shown bellow .


Step4: verified the Check connection at destination level I Got status code as 401: unauthorized. Mapped the same destination at Build Apps at DATA level while testing the Destination got 422 as status code.


Please provide any suggestions to resolve this Issue.







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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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422 always means that the parameters you sent do not match up with what is expected by the trigger, or somewhere in your process you are using a faulty value sent by the API call in one of the activities.

General one of the following:

  • You sent a number value as string
  • You sent a date vale with the wrong format
  • You used wrong casing or typo in the field you sent. 
  • You did not send a required field.

Note that unless fields are required, you do not need to send the inputs in the API, but if the value is used let's say in a condition and it not been sent than you can get 422. 

In your question, you may want to show the inputs that you defined. 

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Thank you, Dan, for the information. I have corrected my input data, it worked.