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SAP BRM EDIT API | Issue when committing a project

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Hi Experts,

I am using SAP BRM Rules Edit API to read and write/change data in a specific rule file via EJB explorer. I referred the link BRM EDIT API for the API details. Read is working fine as expected.

The issue I am facing is at the time of commit to the project. I am getting an error like: Lock already set for zzzz activation of deployment fails, deployment id=xxx;

I have attached the complete error trace and below is the code snippet that I am using.


Code Snippet:

RulesEditAPI api = apiInstance.getAPI();
IProject project = api.getProject(PRO_NAME);
IRuleset ruleset = project.getRuleset(RULESETNAME);
IDecisionTable dt = ruleset.getDecisionTable(DTNAME);
IDecisionTableQuery query = dt.createQuery();
IDecisionTableRow decisionTableRow = dtRow[0];
IRuleset[] updaterulesets = new IRuleset[1];
updaterulesets[0] = ruleset;
project.commit(updaterulesets , true);

Please help. Thank you in advance.



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