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SAP BPS - Enable Excel Filters in a protected Planning Layout (worksheet)

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Hello Guys,

I know BPS plannig layouts are protected with Macros which disable sort and filter functions. I've been looking for a way to enable the "Filter" option, but the only way I worked this out was by using the "SAP" password to unlock the worksheet. I want the plannig layout still being protected but with the filter option enabled.

I'm not a master using VBA macros. Please help me!!!

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BPS expects the cells in a certain position, so you have to be careful with Excel functionality like filtering and sorting, cf.

If you want the full flexibility for the end user you have to copy the data from the SAP controlled worksheet to another worksheet, make the changes there and copy the data back to the SAP worksheet. In the process you have to ensure that the positions in the SAP worksheet are stable.

In other words, this requires some VBA programming; the data copy can be implemented in the 'exits', Modul1.SAPAfterDataPut and Modul1.SAPAfterDataPut.



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Try this command in your Excel macro editor:

Worksheets("name of your sheet").AutoFilterMode = true

Hope it helps.