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SAP BPM Email Notification is NOT working Everytime

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Hello Everyone,

SAP BPM is not sending email notification to user sometime(1 out of 10). Configuration is fine. But, i am unable to understand why this problem occurring. could you please suggest to solve this.

Error: Notification could not be sent to the following recipients: sending e-mail), sending e-mail), sending e-mail)

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Hi Nagishetty Sunilkumar,

You will need to provide more information to understand what is going wrong here.

  1. Is the notification sent from BPM using notification step in BPM?
  2. How are the email addresses determined?
  3. Is the error occuring for same set of email addresses once in a while?

Also, try to look into NWA traces to understand where the error is originating from.



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