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SAP BPA - Error in executing the action in Process flow

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HI SAP BPA Community,

I am getting the below error while trying to execute the action in the process flow in BPA. I am connecting to S/4 HANA on-premise system and when I am executing the action from Action editor using the same Destination, it is working fine. I was not getting this error 1-2 months back when I was using the same destination.

I have already seen the below post but did not the solution. 

The action is calling a custom OData from backend S/4 on premise system. Connection test is working from cloud connector, BTP cockpit and Action editor. But not working in Process flow.

"Perform ExchangeRate Entry" failed
Error message: Action 'b1790140-ffdf-4e89-966d-d98d5afa1f3a' failed with the following error: 'Error thrown from action runtime library: Failed to read sap.lcnc.fetchXcsrf flag from destination configuration : Could not fetch client credentials token for service of type "destination".'.
Log ID: 2b9789ea-338e-4104-a000-e974c88-us10




@Archana SAP Build Process Automation 


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Hi SAP Build Process Automation community,


Any idea on the issue?