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SAP BO Sales Analysis for Retail with HANA

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I am looking for documents related to recently released SAP BO Sales Analysis for Retail with HANA.

I am startiong a blueprinting and POC for POS DM for sales analysis for a large retailer.

I have come to understand SAP BO Sales Analysis for Retail with HANA has all the content and sapns more area thyan POS as in below links.

1) Is 'SAP BO Sales Analysis for Retail' a Rapid Mart of BO..?

2) We need to propose a 'rapid deployment' solution for the retailer which would be 'SAP BO Sales Analysis for Retail with HANA'.

3) What is the architecturefor such a scenario ...the content UNV's get exposed through HANA.

Looking forward for some pointers from the 'Retail Gurus' who are looking at HANA into their landsacpe and also 'SAP Executives' support on this, as we are to start a Blueprinting and want to give the best possible option to customer.

Muthu Ramasamy

PS: Pardon me for my limited knowledge on BO.

Edited by: Muthu Ramasamy on Jan 27, 2012 5:56 PM

Edited by: Muthu Ramasamy on Jan 27, 2012 5:56 PM

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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There are differences between product "announcement" (like the links you provided) and its "availability" (which actually is stated to be Q2 2012 in SAP Info article).

Currently SAP BO Sales Analysis for Retail is available in release 1.1, which is running on BOXI 3.1 (i.e. not available on HANA).


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Hi Vitaliy,

Thank you for your answer.

Yes, I missed the point, that it will be made available by Q2 2012.

So it looks like the same application available on BOXI 3.1 would be up-versioned/HANA enabled in Q2 2012.

1) As per SAP artciles, does that mean this application will have interfaces to SAP IS Retail for Extraction through BICS/BODS.

2) How about the semantics it based on ARTS or SAP Retail Content...

I just trying to estimate what amount of work will be invloved if we start implementing this application for SAP IS Retail box

A simple architecture diagram or explanation is what I am looking for from SAP's websites, which I couldn't find.

Also there is alos a big question about how POS Data from stores are fed to and how does POS DM play a role as we need to send aggregates back to ECC which is already available in POS DM. Probalably it will stay but again enabled to work on HANA...?

Lot of questions come to my mind, but issue is we don't have a clarity how SAP is architectinhg this product on HANA especially when working with SAP IS Retail.

Thank you again for you thelp.



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