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SAP BO - max current connection per system

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Hi Guy,

In BO CMS Authorization settings for SAP, in "Options" tab, there is a setting call "Max concurrent connections per system". By default, it is set to "10". It is for the current connections from BO to backend BW system. Let's suppose that there are 10 users are running reports that are accessing BW system to retrieve data. What will it happen if new user open a workbook in BO? Will he/she be waiting?

How can I check the current connection either in BO or BW? So, I can see if 10 is enough or not.

If I change the parameter in BO, do I need to restart the SIA agent to make it valid?



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1. Max. concurrent connections per system - Specify how many connections to keep open in your SAP system at the same time.
For example, if you type 2, the BI platform keeps two connections open to SAP.

2. Number of uses per connection - Specify how many operations to allow to the SAP system per connection.

For example, if Max concurrent connections per system is set to 2 and Number of uses per connection is set to 3, once there are three logons on one connection, the BI platform closes and restarts that connection.

For current connections - you can check RFC calls in SAP system

SIA restart is not required to make it valid, just clicking on update is required