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SAP BI pushing data into SAP PI

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Hi All,

What is the best method to push data from SAP BI 7.0 into SAP PI 7.3. I wanted to know what is SAP's recommendation on moving data from SAP BI to SAP PI ?

I see we can use ABAP Proxy/ RFC to push data from SAP BI to SAP PI. We are planning to move from SAP PI 7.3 to SAP PI 7.31 single java stack with SAP PO, in some SDN articles it mentions that " ccBPM and ABAP proxy needs to re-create from scratch in PI 7.31". Can't the ABAP Proxy code be migrated to SAP PI 7.31, what are the constraints behind this.

Thanks in advance


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yes, you can use ABAP Proxy stuff 7.31 with small modifiction in Proxy communciation and the best approach would be ABAP Proxy. Even RFC also works alsmost same as Proxy.

ccBPM functionality needs to be created using BPMN and need new development from scratch.